In addition to accepting and abiding by our Terms of Use, we expect you to abide by our Rules of Conduct.

When using our services, we expect you to be:

  • Honest, giving only truthful information such that we can best help you find employment.
  • Active, contacting employers within 24 hours of receiving their details from Niesh.


When employed, we expect you to be

  • Professional, presenting yourself in a manner that is appropriate to the job and workplace you are employed at
  • Respectful, treating all employer information confidentially and taking everything seriously.
  • Lawful, honouring any and all legal terms of employment agreed with employers
  • Communicative, contacting us and the employer immediately if in any circumstance you may not be able to meet any expectations agreed with an employer.


As Employers we expect you to be:

  • Active, updating us regularly on the progress of job applications.
  • Helpful, providing us with information about who you have hired for the position and letting us know if we need to take the advert down.
  • Professional, treating students like any other employees.
  • Lawful, not exploiting or discriminating against students based on the grounds of gender, race or sexual orientation.

Niesh reserves the right to delete from its website any job which it believes will not be beneficial to students.


If a student or employee has a dispute with an employer and is unable to resolve it please let us here at Niesh know. We will endeavour to help you get any support you may need.


Niesh does not warrant that the service provided will be uninterrupted, secure or error free.